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  • Constitution Trail

    Constitution Trail

    The Constitution Trail is over 13 miles long and ideal for walking, hiking, jogging, biking, and cross country skiing. The trail extends through campus, the Town of Normal, and the City of Bloomington and is open from dawn until dusk each day.

  • Ewing Manor

    Ewing Manor

    Ewing Manor, located on the Sunset Hill estate of the late Hazle Buck Ewing, sits majestically in the wooded landscape at the northwest corner of Towanda Avenue and Emerson Street in Bloomington.

  • Eyestone One-Room Schoolhouse

    Eyestone One-Room Schoolhouse

    This is a schoolhouse from the 1900s with wooden desks, McGuffey’s Readers, slates, and a coal stove, as well as other items common to the time period.

  • Gamma Phi Circus

    Gamma Phi Circus

    Founded by Clifford Horton, the Gamma Phi Circus has been part of Illinois State University since 1929. This 80-90 person organization performs everything from fire eating and adagio, to juggling and trapeze. Gamma Phi is the largest and oldest collegiate circus in the country.

  • Planetarium


    The ISU Planetarium offers a variety of programs for preschool through high school students as well as clubs and social groups.

  • University Golf Course

    University Golf Course

    This 6,500 yard, par 71 golf course accommodates approximately 36,000 rounds per year and hosts more than 100 tournaments and outings each year.

  • University Farm

    University Farm

    Free tours of the Illinois State University farm are available. Visitors are advised that this is a “working farm” where they can observe cattle, hogs, sheep, machinery, compost operation, and season crops.

  • Picture of a tree on ISU campus

    Walking Tour of Campus Trees

    There are nearly 100 species of trees on our campus, with the scenic quadrangle including approximately 73 species of trees. Planting of the original trees was directed by Jesse Fell, one of the founders of Illinois State University. Maps are available for self-guided tours.